reclaiming my body 2021

Nobody told me that body image issues are associated with mental health. I always thought that if I were physically healthy, I’d be menatlly satisfied with how my body looked. That if I worked out and ate as healthy as I can, I’d look at myself in the mirror and be proud.

Having a physically fit body takes some time. I knew of that. 

But no matter how much validation I got from social media or people, in general, it feels like I haven’t done enough. I go home, take my clothes off, look at myself in the mirror, and see all those flabs I have. That compound of belly fat that shows as I begin to slouch. My flat ass. These rolls around my chin as I bow my head. 

No matter how much people tell me that they’ve seen progress on my body, it didn’t seem to coincide with what I have in my mind. 

“You will never get the body you want. You will quit soon. Fuck. You are so inconsistent.”

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This is a Message from Chromatica

“Keep myself in beautiful places, paradise is in my hands…” – Lady Gaga, 911

First of all, I’m not here to talk about Chromatica.

Over the past 8 months, it’s an understatement to say that things have changed. No, Ma’am. Things have really gone 180. By the looks of it, even when this pandemic will be over, nothing will ever be the same.

I couldn’t imagine myself in the future without a mask in my bag and a bottle of isopropyl alcohol spray in my pocket. And as much as I have faith, wavering but steadfast, that humanity can get past this, we can’t go back to what normal was and we shouldn’t. 

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Country Boy, I Love You

I love your ambition
and your willingness to learn
You’re stubborn, sometimes disoriented
Sometimes you don’t listen

You don’t listen because you already know
But you didn’t do it
Because you already know
And you got distracted

Country boy I love you
Because you know when you’re at fault
And though you aim for perfection
You remember you’re not perfectly built

Oh how I admire your temperament
And how it surprises you
At such a young age
There’s so many things in life that you already know
Did you have to grow so fast when you didn’t have to?
Did you forgive yourself when there was nothing else you could do?
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realme 6: the real tea

It’s been almost 4 months since I started using my realme 6 smartphone. As part of the realme 6 line-up alongside realme 6 Pro and realme 6i, the realme 6 is focused on mobile gaming and professional mobile display. 

Alongside the smartphone are additional realme AIoT & lifestyle products aimed to improve your overall experience as a realme mobile user. I’ve also been using the realme Buds Air Neo and the realme PowerBank 2.

This time, I’ll let you in on what I think about using the products so far and these are all certified FACTS. I will be revisiting the highlighted selling points of each product and see if they lived up to what they promised.

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Things I Learned from My First International Solo Trip

Hello everyone! I feel like this blog post is long overdue but here it is anyway.

My first ever solo international trip took place 7 months ago, November 2019, in Taipei, Taiwan. This also happened to be my first solo trip in kerrstory.

But first, I’d like to address the question “Why am I travelling alone?” I’ve been asked this a couple of times prior to this trip. I didn’t have a concrete answer before the trip happened. All I could think about was just to explore and see new things.

However, this trip has become a turning point in my life and I learned so many lessons that I find very useful in real life. Along the course of the trip, I got to know myself even better. And that becomes the answer to the previous question. I guess the trip really had to happen so I could find an answer. And I did.

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work-life balance with the new realme 6

As a modern-day young urban professional, I do different hustles to satisfy both my personal and professional needs. We live in a world where we have different opportunities to satisfy both facets given that we have the privilege and skills to do so. I am grateful to be able to get opportunities that I am given and want to do. Somehow, I also need to satisfy these activities by having the right tools at hand.

You may have known that I work in the fast and busy software development industry. Aside from that, I am also a digital content creator being active with developing personal content that promotes kindness, equality, and creativity.

With natural talent (lol), acquired skills, and the right gears, I can satisfy my personal and professional goals.  A new addition to my must-have set of tools is the realme 6. 

realme 6 is set to be officially launched in the Philippines this May 27, 2020. This, along with the realme 6 Pro, will complete the realme 6 line-up which was initially started with the realme 6i.

realme 6 First Impressions

I got the chance to check out the new realme 6 phone and I have to say that it exceeded all the types of expectations that I have. Here are reasons why:

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Overcoming Anxiety in the Time of COVID-19

Hello, it’s been a while.

I guess it’s safe to say that we’re all aware of what’s going on in the world right now. A lot of us are suffering and struggling to make ends meet. This global pandemic has really shifted the course that the world is going to take in the near future should we all survive.

For some of us who unfortunately suffer from anxiety and all its torments brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s a very challenging and painful situation to be in. I am no expert when it comes to giving tips or advice on this subject matter but I would just like to share some of the things I do to free myself from the chains of anxiety under these trying times.

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Goals at Gold’s Gym

Context: I recall I started my weight-loss journey in May of last year. It was such a huge step that I had to take because it was a point where I really wasn’t feeling healthy anymore. It came to a point where I had to edit my photos to hide out those extra unwanted flabs and that didn’t make me feel good. I am all for body positivity and I define it as accepting your body for what it is and what it could become.

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I was where I needed to be

When I look back at how this decade started, I didn’t see myself exactly where I am with life right now. I was always that boy who always dreamt of exploding into the public eye by joining a reality TV show or get discovered on social media.

I was gonna be that wide-eyed ingenue once I reach my late teenage years and become a face representing my indigenous roots from Mindanao. Maybe I would’ve been a good singer or a songwriter if I was given the opportunity to be one.

But life doesn’t always go as planned. And what I learned from those waking years is that maybe I was exactly where I had to be when I needed to be.

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