Goals at Gold's Gym

Context: I recall I started my weight-loss journey in May of last year. It was such a huge step that I had to take because it was a point where I really wasn’t feeling healthy anymore. It came to a point where I had to edit my photos to hide out those extra unwanted flabs and that didn’t make me feel good. I am all for body positivity and I define it as accepting your body for what it is and what it could become.

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I was where I needed to be

When I look back at how this decade started, I didn’t see myself exactly where I am with life right now. I was always that boy who always dreamt of exploding into the public eye by joining a reality TV show or get discovered on social media.

I was gonna be that wide-eyed ingenue once I reach my late teenage years and become a face representing my indigenous roots from Mindanao. Maybe I would’ve been a good singer or a songwriter if I was given the opportunity to be one.

But life doesn’t always go as planned. And what I learned from those waking years is that maybe I was exactly where I had to be when I needed to be.

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2019 Came Through with the LEWKS

It’s a perfect time to summarize the year based on the looks I pulled off. To be completely honest, I wasn’t much on the radar with attending events and parties that require themes and motifs this year.

But as you all know, I don’t wait. I like marching to the beat my own drums and I don’t really care what trends are dominating or where I’m going. All I know is I wear what I want when I want because as The 1975 perfectly puts it, “Where’s the fun in doing what you’re told?”

So, to celebrate a year of randomly dressing up for no reason and experimenting, here are my most favorite looks I’ve worn this year.

Ninja but make it fashion

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high [&] fashion 🍁

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I got this long-sleeved flowy black top from a thrift store which I repurposed into a sleeveless ninja-inspired outfit. I like deconstruction and unconventional silhouettes on my body and this outfit shows that side of me.

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a moment, a love, a dream aloud

Have y’all seen Boy Erased? That scene where Jared Eamons played by Lucas Hedges rolled his windows down nonchalantly caressing the wind escaping through the gaps of his fingers. That simple scene left a mark on me. Like when I pronounced mustache as must-“ache” in 3rd grade or when I saw 2 girls 1 cup for the first time. It was a scene so mundane yet associated with things deeper than what it presents.

Revelation by Troye Sivan starts playing…

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A Walking Protest

As much as possible, I walk my talk.

In a recent conversation I had with an office mate, she told me that I have such an extreme way of being all into myself. She said I must be very temperate with myself when I am left alone. She most likely got the idea after I told her that one way of spending my weekends is having time by myself. 

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Let’s Talk About Filipinos & Online Payments

Technology has really changed the way we all live today. From the rise of mobile phones to holding conferences from any point of the world where the internet is available, we’ve all become adaptive to technology’s marvels.

However, I’ve read recent studies that many people, especially Filipinos, aren’t really trusting on the internet nowadays—that many are still hesitant to use technology as a means to do everyday tasks.

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Shortcuts and Short Circuits

As mentioned in the first part of my Jakarta blog, my job has been keeping me occupied in the past months. But I ain’t got no complaints. I honestly love my job. I don’t know if it was destiny or just pure serendipity that led me to it. What I know is, I’ve gotten this far because I love it and I work hard.

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