Ready Jet Set Go x PAL


For most of us who like to travel or need to travel, part of what really matters most is preparing for the outfits that we are going to wear. May it be for work or vacation, it is always a different kind of challenge. As much as it is very critical, it is also very stressful not only to fit all your stuff on your luggage/s, but to fit what’s really only needed.

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Blogapalooza is Back x withkerr

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It’s that time of the year again when bloggers from all over the country convene to their biggest gathering. Blogapalooza, the much anticipated nationwide bloggers event is back!

Blogapalooza has been on for 8 years to bring blogging communities from all over the country together in one big event where they could learn about the latest blogging and digital marketing trends, network with bloggers form other places and brands that support and sponsor the event, and, spread a harmonious and proactive blogging dynamics moving forward.

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Now What? and Whatnots

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Hey there! If you have been following me (which you should), you should know by now that I just finished doing all school work and am now just waiting to sashay on that graduation stage. All those school work really put a lot on my plate over the last two months and all I can say is they’re worth it. Whatever sacrifices I’ve made and time I’ve spent have sure flourished their worth. I’ll just be very straight when I say that the degree I’m in isn’t what I always wanted but it is a living proof that you will get something once you put your heart [and mind and body and soul and some coinz and probably sacrifice a goat] into it.

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