The Art of Dressing Up

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“One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art.” – Oscar Wilde

How do you learn taste?

Aesthetics is a gift that each one has. We live our own daily lives with a set of rules, or the lack thereof, of seeing the world and creating things that please the human eyes. It is in the systematic interpretation of our own perceptions of the world that drive us to produce wonderful bodies of work that we call art.

But what is art? It is often described as an expression of human imagination and creativity. With such description, it could only mean that art is just as limitless as it is also limited for it may encompass or exceed barriers able to be grasped by human imagination, skill, and creativity based off of one’s personal perception of the world.

Cite dressing up as a topic and it is still the same narrative. Not one person will have the same taste level and threshold relative to styling. For some, the levels of taste may come with great cultural and personal experience with art and fashion and, for some, it could be a product of studying theories and aesthetics. Meanwhile, others, a few people out there, really just have the exceptional ability to see the beauty and balance that are relevant to the craft of styling.

Does dressing up really have an art into it? How could something as basic and customary as throwing on clothes be called art or have an artistic process? Isn’t it also unnecessary to present theories and ideas on dressing up when each one has a different style and taste level?

Evidently, the answer lies aforementioned. Beauty and balance are key terms in this discussion.

For dressing up to be an art, the most integral part of the process is balance. It’s not merely an indication of symmetrical silhouettes or the literal definition but more of a complementary and harmonious disposition of the elements as a whole to produce beauty.

Given this, we should then be able to identify the difference between what is style and what is fashion. Fashion is dynamic. It is always changing and always evolving into different designs from one season to another. It is somewhat like a forecast of what is going to be the trends for a specific season. The thing that separates fashion from style is its popularity.

However, style is more of a permanent or innate form of expression regardless of what fashion dictates. From here, the art that is an expression is the same art that is styling oneself. For the art to transcend through, it has to be executed in a way that it moves people – in a way that it makes people adore or criticize it because it is, in fact, art.

In conclusion, the art of dressing up comes with actual appreciation of clothing and their curation with other elements in a way that produces beauty – a beautiful ensemble, beautiful disaster, ugly-pretty, or just simply beautiful. After all, art is simplicity and complexity both at the same time.

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