The Fisherboy’s Tale

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Another obnoxious reminder that summer is here and we should ready our essentials to prove to everybody how much of hipsters we’ve all become.

Being more inclined to urban living because of the need for recreations and self-actualization, I have turned my personal style from plaid-shirt and shorts-wearing province jejemon [which I’m still proud of] to easy, breezy, adventurous yuppie. But, when it comes to beach dressing, I would just go back to my roots and be the unapologetic kid I was in my humble country-side hometown.

I miss the seafood. I miss that my father brings fish and shellfish he gets from local fishermen conquering the tides everyday. I miss the serene beach on the outskirts of my hometown that’s only a 10-minute walk away. That’s why whenever I’m wearing this top I found in my late grandmother’s closet, or the shorts that my mother got from a weekly thrift bazaar, or the rattan backpack that my aunt didn’t use, or the slippers my father received from a friend, I am at home.

I honestly admit that I am resourceful when it comes to garments. I have learned to love thrift-shopping and I am proud to say it. More than that, I like to renew clothes to make them more now and more into my own style. I had to cut the collar of this top because it offered more versatility to the clothing and apologize beforehand to my grandmother, who is now in a place better than Earth, for adulterating her shirt.

“Why do you ukay? Or alter?”

I always remember what Mister Fox said to the Little Prince, “It is the time you have devoted for your rose that makes it so special.” Finding something unique and relate-able in thrift shops is a gem. After diving into a pile of second-hand goods and surfacing back with a stylish piece is priceless. Producing an all new design after altering what seems to be out of fashion is electric.

In many cases, it would feel great when you wear something and you know it pays a price but it’s better to wear it when you know its worth and you know its value.

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What’s your story?

xx Kerr


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