Flores de Mayo

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Early morning church bells wake me up on the first day of May. I run to the bathroom hoping that none of my sisters entered before me, bathe myself in the warm water of summer, and slip into my good boy Sunday look. From the fridge, I take my basket of flowers picked the day before along the streets of my little hometown to shower to the sweet Virgin Mary at the end of the morning mass.


Whoever thought of making floral prints a trend for spring and summer deserves to be recognized for making this fashion phenomenon still a closet staple from I-don’t-know-how-many years ago until today. Ignore the cynical Miranda Priestly remark about florals being such a groundbreaking idea for the season. I mean, it only sounded sarcastic because people have been lured by this trend for decades.

 Being a basic summerboy myself, I have always leaned towards prints and color when I am not in my default vampire mode. Which, then, leads to setting aside everything dark-toned [although I love them so much] and experiment on lighter and brighter hues that confuse me whether I am tan or still fair – either way, I’m all good [I’m a summerboy, duh].

This H&M floral sleeveless top is a lucky snag since I got it on sale and it was hanging all by itself. As soon as I veered my eyes to its direction, I literally ran towards the rack to get it and took it straight to the cashier. It was riveting enough to turn me into Usain Bolt. Ideas rocketed unprecedentedly and creatively as vibrant and as festive as the shirt’s color combination.

For this look, I chose to tone the outfit down by putting the limelight solely to the top and let the rest be clean and soft. It makes the outfit look less tacky and refreshing. The vintage frames, the white shorts, and mandals give the look just the right amount of summer and sophistication.

Then Lady Gaga’s Summerboy started playing. I was taken back to a 1950-something era. Wherever you look, everything has a touch of some daisies or roses or irises, any of those romantic flowers. Floral prints became such a viable trend, even men want to wear them.

“Don’t be sad when the sun goes down, you’ll wake up and I’m not around
Ive got to go oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
We’ll still have the summer after all…”

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Outfil details: Tank top from H&M; Shorts from Mizuno; Stack bracelets from SM Accessories; Black Bracelet (gift); Vintage sunglasses; Mandals from Zalora

xx Kerr

Photos by Renz Gaquit

19 thoughts on “Flores de Mayo

  1. Love this look so much, the white shorts and sandals really balance out the loudness of the top, which is wicked by the way. I saw a similar top in the men’s section of Primark recently and almost picked it up, men get the best tops and t-shirts!

    Loving the last photo, perfect shot!


    1. Awwwee thank you so much! I like to think that as a blogger, I have a different approach with my poses. Thank you!



  2. That is a very summery outfit. It reminds me of the vibe in the old Elvis Presley movies. I also like the style from the 1950s. There’s something so glamorous about it! I wouldn’t want to live back then, but I love the clothes!


    1. The past is essential to build the future. Which is why i would always get inspired by vintage stuff. I actually refer to myself as an old-soul in 2015.



  3. I love that tip-toe shot! I’ve been getting into Mizuno apparel recently and I guess you picked it because of its comfortability as well, and that’s what I’m getting from it anyway. Your post reminds me of a never-ending trend still ever-swimming in our fashion pools at home. I’ve come to accept floral designs for what they are, regardless of the mode or season. Haha!


    1. Right? Like florals can be from summer to autumn to spring to winter. Yes, I like the Mizuno shorts because it’s really lightweight as if I’m wearing nothing.

      Thanks for the kind words!


  4. Yeah florals really equals summer. You know it’s summer season when the floral prints appear in the racks. I like the dainty florals because most of the time I don’t like dressing girly. Hehe


    1. Thank you Aqib! I really suggest that you buy ‘Man’-dals because aside from being on trend, they are also really comfortable and can elevate an outfit to simple but polished.


  5. Youre doing amazing. You have such a feeling for fashion! I like your sandals a lot! The White is a great contrast with your skin color!


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