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Unleash your mind away from the worries. Free your spirit from the negativity and the pressure building around you. It starts on the inside where all your worries, doubts, and anxieties crawl and eat you up until you can’t defy them any longer. Once you’re free, you can think.

Train your self. Reach as far as your potential could explode and let it be determinant of the things that you can do. Exercise. Be fit. Defy odds, gravity even. Be a force to be reckoned with but keep your heart beat with love and passion. Most of all, flex your most important muscle: your brain.

Once you are free and fit, you can go – move mountains and cross oceans. Once you can go, you become an unstoppable beacon of hard work and determination. Once you can go, you can do what makes you happy – what fills you, what makes you YOU.


FREEGO Unravels New HyperFlex Jeans

 Freego, the country’s promising and long-time clothing brand powerhouse, recently unveiled their latest technology in jean-novation manifested as the Freego Hyperflex Jeans.

From reversible, the brand introduced the extra power stretch product fit for the young, active, and empowered audience. A pair of the lightweight straight-cut Hyperflex jeans has 98% fabric recovery with its elasticity presented comfortably and authentically without losing its manliness.

Aside from the dependable flexibility, Hyperflex jeans perform ‘reflex’ which gets the pair back to its original shape after wearing. As a plus, one can cut down his waist size to up to 2 units down with the elasticity of the Freego Hyperflex jeans.


I have got to say that Freego Hyperflex Jeans topped my closet for being the most comfortable pair of jeans I have ever had. It’s perfect in a way that I’m a lover of straight-cut jeans. Regardless of the cut, it is also hugging my legs that make it look like skinny jeans. That said, Hyperflex really emphasizes my gams and make them longer.

The flexibility is really the savior of this pair. As a really rigid person, I could move freely without compromising any comfort – a characteristic that is not embedded in other jeans. I could take a full split if I knew how and it still wouldn’t rip.

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xx Kerr

Styling by Kerr Quevedo
Photos by Renz Gaquit

14 thoughts on “Free Flex Go – KERRxFreego

  1. They sound like an awesome pair of jeans! Not much of a jeans girl but I might give this a try. Your photos look amazing. Keep it up!


  2. Those jeans have a nice style. And they look comfortable. You obviously can move in them! I don’t usually wear jeans because they are not as comfortable as dresses. But every once in a while I do.


    1. jeans are my go-to option when i have nothing to wear especially if it’s gonna be a long day. they’re pretty timeless


    1. I think that it’s stylish enough that it is in a classic straight cut with the reflex characteristic. They are the most comfortable pair of jeans I’ve worn and I’ve had like a lot of jeans in different sizes and fit already. And it doesn’t have to be unusual. Jeans are contemporary classics.


  3. I love the term “jean-novation”. I love jeans but they are not the most comfy travel clothes for me. This Hyperflex Jeans sounds promising to me! And did you just say lightweight? With that, I’ll try to check if they also have this Hyperflex Jeans for women 🙂


  4. Style and comfort are 2 qualities that i look for in any forms if clothing. I am loving your pictures as it shows how flexible the jeans are with your movement. I would definitely consider this as I don’t want the jeans to be hugging my legs too tightly. I have one pants from freego and I still make sure that it is included in my travel essentials because it is lightweight.


  5. The Freego brand is actually one of the better local brands. I remember a long time ago, I company I used to co-own installed their computer network system, and if I remember correctly, their head office was at Moriones, Tondo.

    Kerr, looking light and good and keep it up.


  6. It’s been a long time since I bought from a local brand especially jeans. Since I learned how to choose jeans , I’ve always looked for comfort, fit and style. Anyway, maybe it’s time to drop by Freego and see their new line.


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