I’d Stop Wearing Black When They Make a Darker Color

bobson okayama backpack

I grinned at the sight of a man on the street with a shirt saying what’s inscribed in the title of this article. I had that feeling of stripping it away from him and wear it impromptu. But I didn’t – which is why it is the thing that I regret the most this month.

I would stop wearing black when they make a darker color – what a very witty catch phrase to put on a statement shirt that somebody like me would totally wear. Although I have to critique it a little because black has been debatable whether being a color or a shade – I think it’s the latter.

I have been vocal about my carnal attraction with black as evident in my first breakout blog post in this blog entitled Coven. I have said and will always say that not having something black in your ol’ goody stash is a sin. One simply cannot live without wearing something black – it’s resilient, classic, and always the answer in times of doubt. Pink-is-the-new-black my ass.

For this outfit, I delivered a less monochromatic look straying away from the first one that I presented by infusing the other closet mainstays and must-haves: white and denim. Classic Converse kicks and a muscle tee [regardless of how skinny I am] work well together to give off that effortless street look that makes every girl (or guy) like you and every guy want to be like you. And since I didn’t wanna come off as an indie-rockabilly, stapling the denim bag adds prep and a touch of kindness to a look – notice how I still look educated with the bag? Yep. Haha

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 Bobson has redefined the status of denim by incorporating the traditional Japanese finesse and discriminating process of creating their quality  clothing and apparel products. Of their 45 years of manufacturing clothing, they have retained the process of creating denim since the brand was founded in 1969 in Okayama. Ergo, each pair of jeans is an embodiment of traditional training and craftsmanship of authentic Japanese denim.


The Okayama backpack is as stylish as it looks in the photos. It will go with any kind of classy to preppy look but I was experimental enough to incorporate it in a street style getup. The materials used are very light and I like that the straps are leatherette so it appears that the bag is expensive.

Since it is lightweight, I also advise to use it for packing light things like maybe not exceeding three kilos for it might easily deteriorate the parts of the backpack especially the leather straps.

More information about the backpack on bobsonjapan.com

Outfit details: Muscle tee from People Are People; Jeans from Oxygen; Sneakers from Converse; Backpack from Bobson Japan

Xx Kerr

Photos by Renz Gaquit | Instagram: @renz_lens
Styling by Kerr Quevedo

21 thoughts on “I’d Stop Wearing Black When They Make a Darker Color

  1. Great outfit. I love black as well. There was a time I used to wear a lot of black because I could accessorize with any other colour, until someone said to me “you are too young to wear black all the time – you are not a widow” – that kind of got me thinking I should try out brighter colours. Now I wear a lot of both, depending on my mood. You may laugh but I have pink converse shoes.


  2. Black works with everything. I totally agree that it’s a classic and everyone should atleast have one in their wardrobe. It’s also a pretty safe color to wear when going out. Now white converse shoes and black shirt, that’s totally cool!


  3. Black is a great color to wear. I have a lot of (but not only) black clothes. I like it a lot as well for a formal look for in the office. I always love converse shoes. They’re great! I own 2 pair and would love some more 🙂


  4. I’m the total opposite! I’m mad for white! But I love my black staples too. BTW i love the backpack–I would steal it


  5. I love black too and mostly because it makes you look thinner. Though, I love wearing light colored shirts as well especially if it’s summer. Don’t you think people associate black with sadness?


  6. I have a friend who’s the same as you. Her wardrobe is almost all black. I’m the opposite though. I’m a fan of white. So maybe I’ll have a shirt made that says ‘I’ll stop wearing white when they make a whiter color.’ Lmao!


  7. A lot of items in my wardrobe are black too but I’ve started to focus on lighter colors lately. I’m starting to wear more white and I’ve noticed that it makes my face lighter too.


  8. You can’t go wrong with black, black goes with anything . I don’t know why , but I mostly go for ‘uncolours’ , like black , white , grey & beige . Black really suits you very well , neat post and a lovely outfit 🙂


  9. Black compliments everybody and is a staple in everyone’s closet or well should be a staple. I’m a big fan of blacks and nudes, or classic colors but I add a dash of color here and there.


  10. Great outfit post! And I love the title of your post! Hahaha I feel the same way. Love wearing black, although sometimes I try to put a little color in my outfit too!


  11. Great ensemble you got here! Black is for all seasons. You can wear it for almost everything and anything. Also, you really shone with confidence there so the outfit really took off


  12. Yeah who can live without black? Great title by the way! I love to wear black. Especially little black dresses. Like Chanel taught us 🙂


  13. I love black, too! 80% of the stuff in my closet are black. Lol. I love it because it’s so versatile – be it a dress, pants, skirt, or tops! So yeah, until they find a color darker than black, it will always be my favorite go-to color.


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