Yellow Brick

“It started out as a feeling which then grew into a hope;
which then turned into a quiet thought
which then turned into a quiet word.
And then that word grew louder and louder
’til it was a battle cry…”
– The Call OST Narnia: Prince Caspian
yellow brick
A year ago, I was just a young province boy who’s taking Computer Engineering and has a fascination for fat cats with a lot of feelings and a spark of passion to write.
From then on, I have engaged myself into encounters and experiences that I thought were impossible. From my story of trying to fit in, I mentioned that I just wanted to belong, that I just wanted to be noticed. But, later experiences veered my mindset from that. I wanted to do what I love regardless of how the society sees it.

I’m no Paulo Coelho finesse in writing, nor even half as great as a local newspaper columnist. What I was, what I am is a person who has a voice and who desires to scribble words written with every punch of a technologically advanced typewriter. Regardless of what career path I am taking now or the flaws that seem to hinder my artistic progress, there is always that spark that propels me to push even harder. To stumble. To learn.
With God’s grace, I have embarked on a destiny that brought me to where my feet are set now. I walked a path that I had feared before. But it was my yellow sidewalk – my yellow brick.
I still remember in my earlier blogging days when all I wanted to do was write and write about my feelings. I, then, considered my blog as an online journal. It was very humble, naive, and vulnerable. I guess I could say that good things happen to people who deserve them, who earned and worked hard for them.
Writing is a passion I could not let go of. And, when opportunities to write even more came knocking on my door, I opened it as wide as I can.
Shiny ruby shoes didn’t lead me here but slippers of perseverance, drive, and a little touch of kindness. The path led me to a myriad of new possibilities. An array of skills to acquire, things to learn, and talents to hone – a looking glass that beholds my hopes and my aspirations, a rabbit hole of thoughts and things beyond my imagination. .
Now, I am still a young province boy who’s still in Computer Engineering and a stronger love for fat cats with a buttload of feelings and a hell of passion to write. I still have miles to [runway]walk, lions to befriend, metallic hearts to soften, and witches to deal with. My Emerald City won’t run anyway.
xx Kerr

6 thoughts on “Yellow Brick

  1. It’s great that you followed your dream & passion! And it is so true: it’s way more important to do what you want, to follow your passion than to bother what society thinks about that. Whatever you do, if you follow your path, you will meet likeminded people. And it’s always important to have new goals & hopes. That’s what keeps us going.


  2. It’s not about the act of writing or recording, but expressing. Somehow, someway, you want to be appreciated, you want to be understood. I suppose all of us are like that. Blogging became a means for you to express. Keep it up, Kerr.


  3. Kerr, I am so happy and so proud of you. In this world full of judgmental people, it is less common to find someone like who who follows their passion. Most of the people I’ve met these days are too afraid to be judged so they end up doing what others think as “cool” or “in”. What you did was so brave.


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