If I Was A TV Series Character


I would be David Nolan a.k.a. the Sheriff a.k.a. Prince Charming from Once Upon A Time any given day. If I was a TV series character, I would be like that – brave, intelligent, and charming.

Since my very first outfit post, it has been evident that I like getting under the influence of TV series when it comes to what I like to wear. The thing about fashion is that you get to be whoever you want to be without leaving your body. It’s not a matter of pretend but more like an exploration of your own character.

The lesson I’ve learned about wearing this outfit is that I am not a person of layers. I’m more like someone who just chooses to wear a sweater on a cold day and a plain ol’ shirt on a normal humid day. I simply don’t carry on an extra jacket or coat because I sweat easily. And because I’m very rigorous, getting one of my hands busy by holding an extra garment would be inefficient. I haven’t started layering until recently when I discovered how essential layers are especially that I’m living in a country where the weather is bipolar.

And just like what happened in season 4 in Storybrooke where everything got pretty chilly, the weather in the Philippines has been colder and wetter these past few days. I resorted to wearing lumberjack essentials with my outfit since it is practical given the fact that I could go indoors and outdoors, safe and secure with this look – kinda like a town sheriff but only with a button pin badge.

It might seem like a diversion from my usual out-there-street-chic looks but I still felt like myself wearing it. I figured that what satisfies me about styling is not always how I look but how I feel. Beauty is painful but personal style has to be comfortable.


Outfit details: Thrifted jacket; Jag flannel; Levi’s Pants; Zara shoes

xx Kerr

Photographed by Renz Gaquit

16 thoughts on “If I Was A TV Series Character

  1. Hey, bagay naman pala sa iyo. I actually like the jacket. Iyan ang gusto ko wear pag nasa abroad ako in cool weather. Huwag lang dito kasi napakainit. It’s like the only time na bagay mag jacket is January to February.


  2. “It’s not a matter of pretend, but more like an exploration of your own character.”

    I like how you come up with that idea. Exactly like me who never have seen myself dwelling into fashion because I seemed not doing good at it, I always have this barrier that maybe I would look stupid and I seemed to be look pretending. In short, I don’t really hold a sense when in comes to fashion, and I’m learning from you.


  3. Haven’t watched any once a upon a time episode because of the twists, i’m after it wi ruined my childhood. Haha! Although I get the idea of the inspo. Layering is always in these days. It looks good on you, but I think you need to get one size smaller na tops. I’m not sure if it’s just the pic though. That’s my two cents but always work on comfort over style. I guess everything looks good except for the one I’ve pointed out earlier. 😊


  4. You’ve chosen a nice color palette for your wardrobe in this post. Yes, fashion must be something that fits our personality. It must be something that will boost our self confidence and will make us feel better. Just go on with what you love wearing. Oh, by the way, congratulations for doing some “fashion” post 🙂


  5. Good choice of character! I missed watching OUAT! Yeah, the weather has changed already but I don’t think it’ll ever be layers friendly here in the PH (except Baguio?). It’s too humid haha and I sweat a lot too XD. Max 2 layers, like what you did! 😀


  6. I am a fashion person. I like how you put it.. “It’s not a matter of pretend, but more like an exploration of your own character.” I agree, fashion is something that brings out your persona, not the other way around. I haven’t watched any once upon a time episode but I’d have to commend you for getting inspired just by watching this series!


  7. That’s such a cool outfit, and for most, I love the color combination and the idea behind the title combining it with the fact you’re showing off your picks! Layering is always a good idea and also now that’s fall it’s starting to make more sense! Comfort and style, you nailed it!


  8. Nice outfit you have here! Layering is actually a important part of fashion. It makes simple garments look fashionable when put together. Like you, I get my fashion sense from TV series as well. It started from the time I watched Gossip Girl. Haha. I particular like the fashion of Serena. I even follow Blake Lively’s posts even until now! 🙂


  9. Layering is indeed a way to make the plain look more outstanding. Too bad though that it’s so hot here that it’s hard to pull it off. The only time I’ve seen men wear jackets is in the office where the aircon is blasting high. 🙂 It looks good on you though.


  10. I like the color of your polo. It’s a good match to your jacket. I agree with the other comments that most of the time, jackets are worn only in offices or hotels or when attending conferences because it’s usually cold in these places.


  11. I watch OUAT and David is such a cool dad. He really looks good with whatever he wear. And to adapt it to your fashion, that’s great. It really suits you. With fashion, you can wear almost anything as long as you can pull it off. 🙂


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