Justin Is My Twin


We walk each day outside in the world and we tell ourselves to make something out of it. A downer will always hate it but as for me, regardless of how I hate people sometimes and just want to push them in front of a speeding vehicle, I try to look at the world in its brighter side – the side where I draw my aspirations and inspirations.

I get inspired by a lot of things, people mostly, more from artists, preferably popstars, specifically Justin Bieber.

Ever since One Time, I have rooted for him and my personal style evolved as his did, too. I didn’t see how many people, especially men, liked to bash him and call him words that he surely didn’t deserve. I mean, a man’s a man if a man mans up – real men don’t bash their fellow men.

Justin Bieber is my twin but it’s not mainly the look, although I have to say that I’d need three more baths and I’ll look like him. For me, he is an epitome of today’s youth – a representation of their tragedies and redemption.

In his career, he soared into stardom and became a household name around the world. But there is always a trough of sorrow for every zenith of ecstasy. He has done things that weren’t inspirational. Amidst that, he has risen and it wasn’t late to say sorry – in real life, it never really is.

What do I mean? I’m saying that, like Justin Drew Bieber, I have done things that I regret and things that I wish I did. I wish I matured easily so I wouldn’t have to do anything stubborn before. I wish I did make the right decision of selecting the degree I am currently in. I wish that I could turn back time and ctrl + z is also applicable in life.

But those are only wishes now. In reality, I just have to accept the mistakes that I did and discontinue hating myself for making them. The realization of having faults makes you stronger and wiser. Embracing your scars makes you better sleeping on your own.

The next time you go out there, instead of thinking positive, making something positive in the world will be a better option.


Outfit details: Shirt from Terranova; Top from Topman; Spray-on Jeans from CottonOn; Watch from Nautica; LeBron 10 in White and University Red shoes from Nike

xx Kerr

Photographed by Renz Gaquit

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