Snap Series: Converse Store x Counter Climate


Our favorite classic sneaker brand is up again with their latest innovation in the footwear race. What started out as a basketball court signature progressing as one of the world’s most renowned sneaker brands has edged up with their design and aesthetics as consumers can now enjoy weather-friendly shoe rack staples.

Fresh from the conception of Chuck Taylor II, Converse has amplified the utility and functionality of their classic sneakers as they reinvent its design deemed as Counter Climate.

The latest Fall-Winter line involves SHIELD CANVAS and RUBBER materials that are materialized to survive weather twists and turns. The shield canvas is water-repellent which could prevent soaking whereas the rubber material has a heat-reflecting barrier that keeps the cool in the sole.

Converse All-Star II, Converse Cons One Star, and Jack Purcell Signature all have Shield Canvas selection which include added features as Lunarlon technology, non-slip padded tongue, reflective webbing and barrel laces.


xx Kerr


One thought on “Snap Series: Converse Store x Counter Climate

  1. I really love converse. I like the look of the shoes and who they feel. I love how they always innovate and improve. I keep wanting to buy converse shoes! Might be time now to go and buy a new pair of shoes..


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