I Cannot Be A Vegetarian


[DISCLAIMER: This post does not aim to throw shade to vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, etc. This post is written to share the author’s POV on how food has grown to be a part of his life. The author fully respects any form of political, spiritual, up to the gustatory standpoints. Peace and love.]

I can’t be a vegetarian – I always told myself that. I probably never will be. Not even a pescatarian or any of the sorts. I like to eat. I am on a see-food diet where I see food and eat it (badum tsss). This is basically how I was raised by my parents back in my hometown: to be grateful of the food I see on the table because we’re not rich.

So, yeah, I grew up as a fat kid. My cheeks were jiggly as gelatin and my belly flapped in every step I took. My father has always been very keen on providing meals for us regardless of how gallant or humble the food is. All I’ve known was that I had to be thankful that I don’t get to sleep each night with an empty stomach.

Living away from my parents, I have continued to possess that kind of attitude. Sometimes, even, in restaurants I tend to finish the food or pack them up for takeout and not let anything go to waste.


There are these food markets/bazaars popping around the city lately making them the newest hive for always-hungry-hippies like me and over-worked-zombified yuppies. But there’s only one particular place I like going to – Sugbo Mercado, the first and largest weekend food market in Cebu.

In the food market kind of setting, I get to fervently exercise my see-food diet since I just walk around and look for visually titillating dishes. That said, I cannot help but rejoice over the wide array of food choices just waiting to be transacted over the counter. Also, a busy and buzzy market would make a great backdrop for a spontaneous fun shoot with friends.

This is still no exception; each order always gets a squeaky finish and it’s not because of the gratitude thing [although, it partly is]. It’s because whichever stall I end up marching in always has something different to offer from the others without compromising the impression of newfound gustatory pleasure.

I can’t be a vegetarian not because I hate vegetables – I do love them. I can’t be a vegetarian not because I don’t feel bad for maltreated animals in slaughterhouses. I just can’t be a vegetarian because life is full of gastronomic wonders.


xx Kerr

Photographs by Renz Gaquit

9 thoughts on “I Cannot Be A Vegetarian

  1. i feel you.. I grew up like you and am still encountering a hard life, and so I eat whatever I get and no be choosy about it… I think people like us are easy and adaptable…my kids on the other hand are so much more choosy much to my annoyance…


    1. Maybe it’s about the generation that we grew up in especially here in our country where vegetarian lifestyle is not that mainstream. Third world country na nga tayo, magcho-choosy pa hahaha


  2. I cannot be a vegetarian too. Because I am very picky with veggies. When I was a kid, di talaga ako kumakain ng gulay, but thankfully na appreciate ko siya paglaki ko. Haha. But I can never give up meat. I liked the last part, life is full of gastronomic wonders. It’s part of every culture, so we should never put ourselves inside a box. Explore!


  3. Hello taga Cebu sd ko, Hanahan, yes I grew up on a family in which we are very thankful of what we have ,because, honestly we’re nor rich, I’m just a common folk as well and, d ako choosy, but I tried to fast sometimes, just eating vegetables for 10 days and it was good, it’s like a body detox , it’s good to have it sometimes buy not often. D mada, kidding aside, nice one bro


  4. Yes I think it’s hard too. I usually eat vegetarian at least once or twice a week. But a steak perfectly made, is hard to replace by vegetarian food. It’s a mind set and I don’t want to stop eating meat either. Have you seen the movie about the meat industry? I don’t remember the name now, but if you google it, you’ll find it. After seeing that movie a lot of people stopped eating meat.
    xo Sabine


  5. I think being a vegetarian is really difficult in the Philippines. I try to eat veggies as much as I can. But sometimes the food choices are so limited and so full of pork and chicken. Even our go-to meals are silog style. I think it has to do with our food culture. Because when I spent 5 days in Vietnam all I had was veggies and I never felt deprived. Wish I could go back hahaha


  6. Life has too many delish foods to offer and it’s going to be a real waste if all we eat is vegetables. Lol. I feel you there bro. I can’t imagine doing that too. One time, during holy week, I fasted and ate just fruits and bananas for a week. I lost weight, I had a hard time, I felt good but I just couldn’t do it again. But I do try to limit what I eat especially eating foods with preservatives like Tocino or hotdogs. I think I’d still try foreign foods especially when they look really yummy.


  7. Always wanted to try being a vegetarian. You know, it looks fun and interesting. You’re also not consuming any meat, which for me is a way of dieting but I never got the hang of it. Like you guys, everything about being vegetarian is something I can never ever achieve. Eating is just so much fun


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