On Wednesdays, I Wear Pink


Raise your right hand if you landed on this post because you recognize my Mean Girls reference through the post title. Raise your right hand if you just happened to read this post because you are (a) male and/or (b) you like pink. Either way, brace yourself for some Mean Girls movie references coming at ya.

FYI, I don’t conform to the social norm that pink is a feminine color.  Yes, you might have heard of this before: real men wear pink – whatever. Gay, straight, bi, lesbian, transgender, Asian nerd, cool Asian, unfriendly black hottie, or a Plastic – anyone can wear pink because it’s up to no one to say what one is to wear.

Obama’s time surely raised more awareness to liberation and freedom of expression. His eight years in office surely didn’t come to waste as it contributed to a more accepting and tolerant America than it was before he sat on the oval office in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And if it is happening in America, the whole world can see and the people would tend to follow. Unfortunately, Obama’s time is looking at its halt as the American Electoral College elected Trump – not so fetch at all.

‘Irregardless’, in the nature of fashion being revolutionary and fluid, there is no color that is off-limits whether what I’m aiming for is to be fashionable or unfashionable.

And unlike what The Plastics practice, I don’t feel the need to consult any of my friends whether I should buy something or not; I don’t need to consult anyone at all. I just need to be comfortable with what is enveloping my body that has been wanting to lose 3 pounds.

I bought this pink shirt because I wanted to try something new and not because some group of rich spoiled brats invited me to have lunch with them every day with the rule of wearing pink on Wednesdays. Collared shirts that look office-y are not really my thing since my style is usually convoluting in black and/or neutral color scheme with a more high street vibe. But then I realized that I’m going to be 20 next year and I might as well practice dressing up more grown up as it can also work to my advantage in attending ‘grownup’ events.

I tried to go with a very subdued shade of pink for a warm and sophisticated appeal. The classic denim jeans can help a mature look transform into urban juvenility. A pair of sneakers wouldn’t make much of a complement for the look that I was aiming for so I went on for a pair of oxford shoes that I am so in love with right now.

This look is just a new exploration of advancing to the more grownup look. I might as well enjoy my out-there-high-street looks that feed my vain soul while I still look the part. You can wear whatever you want regardless of age but you don’t want to age looking like whatever.


P.S. I really do wear pink on Wednesdays.

Outfit details: Shirt from 21Men; Jeans from Freego; Watch from Nautica; Oxfords from Call It Spring

xx Kerr

Photos by Renz Gaquit

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