Always A 90s Kid


“The traditional always has its way of returning.” – Me, 4 months ago

And I am not wrong. Because whether garments of the ancient come back with added or subtracted fixtures, it’s inevitable that fashion is a recycled style with a newfound hype.


Being a 90s kid, I grew up to see the world welcome the new millennium with a very inconclusive and polarizing attack on fashion. Harem pants, elephant pants, braids, loud plaids and patterns, swan dresses, MEAT DRESS (iconic), bomber jackets, high-waist bottoms, and a whole lot of madness – the 2000s wasn’t really keen of giving up some mayhem.

One thing I love the most [and grew up in] is the primness of the tuck-in and high socks combination. It just declares a lot of proper exuberance and an image of a well-brought-up child.

Since I’m a well-brought-up child [#confident #blessed] who likes to twist things up, I continue to define fashion through my style even if it means to be unfashionable. Taking risks is where I’m comfortable with. Maybe Gaga and/or Rachel Berry have something to do with it.

And just like the risqué 1990s to 2000s, I continue to be unapologetic for things that I wear. I now realized that confidence is the best clothing one can pull off and it won’t cost anything. For me, a 90s kid is unashamed of what he is and of the things that he did. If not for this era, fashion today will never be the same.

As a person who grew up in that era, I will never be embarrassed that I sported a full bowl cut paired with full fringes or that I tried to wear uncoordinated and baggy plaid shirt and shorts. I even liked wearing neon sunglasses and neon belts and I felt so alive. Jolina Magdangal will be really proud.


Outfit details: Tailored shirt; Thrifted short; Bench socks; Converse sneakers

xx Kerr

Photographed by Renz Gaquit

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