Look Street Smart + LifeDance 2017



If you are in Cebu, you must be hearing this anywhere you go. January is not only a mark of a beginning of a new year but also a depicter of the highly-anticipated and the grandest festival in the country. SINULOG is coming!

But how does one hustle in the busy and noisy streets of Cebu during Sinulog? What things should one avoid? What should one bring? Which party to go to? Which place to go to?

Last question first, Sinulog is about celebrating the Child Jesus, Señor Santo Niño – praising him for his holy miracles and showering thanksgiving incorporated with the colorful local culture.

If you wish to go out on the day of Sinulog Festival, being street-smart is a must but being smarter with what you wear is a ‘muster’. Here are some things that you can cop off your wardrobe. These things are basic and mostly just an arm’s length away when needed.


(a) Basic Tee Shirt

A nice tee shirt is the best choice of clothing when diving into the streets on the actual festival day. It’s simple, contemporary, and most importantly, comfortable. One tip though is that the shirt would be better off plain or with minimal print and either black or white to surely collect the paint stains, holi powders, and colored water sprays that scream “YASSSSSS! MY DAY WAS LEGIT FUN!”

(b) Light Shorts

Heavy shorts with multiple pockets are more prone to item loss and pick-pocketing so wearing a two-pocket pair would just be what you’ll need. You can store extra items on drawstring bags and/or waterproof pouches.

(c) Sneakers

Nothing says comfort than a classic pair of sneakers. No other words needed – only two: Chuck Taylors.


(d) Shady shades

Whether the sun shines brighter than itself or not, you are going to need some trusty shades to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays and from the powders and liquids that people are gonna be splattering in all directions. (It also keeps you from getting caught when checking your crush out. Lol)

(e) A cap

A basic baseball cap is just the right addition for the whole weather-friendly-casually-street-and-stylish look that we’re aiming for. Find one that suits your head well and wear it tight enough that no one can take it out of your head in a swarm of paint-bathed people.

“I wanna avoid a swarm of people yet I wanna party. Where should I go?”

LIFEDANCE 2017 is just the one for you!

Powered by SMART, the country’s leader in telcom, the most talked-about Sinulog event is set to make waves this Friday, January 13, 2017 at the City de Mare, South Road Properties, Cebu City. The event will gleam roaring with three top international DJs – CARNAGE, LOOKAS, and DJ BL3ND – along with Smart’s very own DJ Ace Ramos & Nix Damn P.


And for the first time ever in Life Dance history, three different stages – Utopia (main stage), Eden (underground music stage), and Solaris (indie stage) – will be graced by artists and musicians such as Patty Tiu and Up Dharma Down to create an atmosphere of hype and harmony. This would surpass any set expectations and satisfactions of ravers and movers.

Music, rave, entertainment, food, and memories – you know exactly where you’re going! See you there!


xx Kerr


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