Stan, Hat and Super Bowl


Y’all may know by now that my life is highly influenced by the Mother Monster, Lady Gaga – Queen of fucking everything. Since I started stanning* her in 2008, several of my life choices have been inflicted by my fanaticism over her supremacy in the pop culture. I learned to think out-of-the-box, take risks, and be open-minded. I’ve never seen someone so rich and glamorous yet so down-to-earth and humble, at the same time.

Realizing that, I found my hero – my champion. I was thirteen, then.

There’s just that special something about our idols that affect the way we act and choose. That’s the impact that Lady Gaga made on me and it didn’t exclude my sense of style.

GAGA is such an iconic name for someone who’s had massive iconic moments in just less than a decade of her career. Her music is iconic so is her style. Her style has also transformed throughout the years and I love that she is opting for a toned-down take on clothes as in comparison with her previous, often extravagant, outfits.

The JOANNE era has been full of indie-funky New York vibes that screams of rebellion and rock-n-roll. Meanwhile her ‘off-duty’ looks are laid-back and so chic at the same time. But what seems to never get lost out of sight is 2016’s most memorable/iconic pop accessory which is the pink hat or popularly known as the Joanne Hat.


I have had my eye on this hat for a long time and thank the holy ones from up in heaven that it got on sale leaving me not wasting a split second to buy it. I toned the outfit down as to put the spotlight on the hat itself. This is also a recommendation to everybody out there who would opt on wearing a statement piece for an accessory.

I want to put the focus on the hat so I didn’t pull out an overwhelming outfit. Sometime, when our getups look basic and boring, it is a need to call for an accessory that would pull everything together.


Speaking of focus, let us come through and celebrate the artist that defined today’s pop music. Lady Gaga will be headlining the half-time show the Super Bowl LI on February 5, 2017 (February 6, 2017 at 7:30am, Philippine time).

She will deliver the biggest performance of her life (so far) in the biggest stage as she showcases her massive hits and exciting new songs from her latest album, JOANNE. A talent is a talent and if you don’t see it in Gaga, start digging.


Outfit details: Forver 21 hat; H&M t-shirt; Bershka pants; Zalora neoprene sandals

See you on my next post!

xx Kerr

Photos by Renz Gaquit
* stanning from ‘stan’ e.g. stalk + fan

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