Nobody Reads My Blog


The death of a star is when it exhausts all its flames away. The death of a creative is when his flaring passion wears off. A star can withstand billions of years alone by itself long as it is burning as bright as it can. A creative can continue to feed his soul with his passion and he can live with it in content even in appraisal’s absence.

I would continue with my writing because it’s what makes me happy, even when nobody reads my blog. But that’s not the case, of course! I would like to thank everybody for having been reading the content that I produce through this blog. I started a food and personal blog way back in 2015 but I felt like a part of me was missing: my spirit of style. So I went on to create this one and it has been doing well ever since. I recently got included in the list of Cebu’s Top Male Style Bloggers to Follow on Instagram by Cebu Bloggers. So check that out!


Let’s talk about style!

Pantone declared that this year’s color is Greenery. And though I have a green thumb, I am not really down with clothing pieces that are green (which made it hard for me to attend last year’s Christmas party as its motif was green). But it’s not that long ago since I started receiving and getting green-colored items – socks, shirts, shorts, sweaters, etc. It seems like people knew about Pantone’s memo and I’m in no position to refuse. Life gave me lime, time to make some juice (get it????? Lime is greeeeeen!!!)

Anyhow, ever since I was in high school, it was a dream for me to become a soldier. I like the idea of serving your own country because of your voluntary submission to protect it against all the terrors and ill-manifestations. It is like being a blogger – you continue to blog because of that passion to write and the willingness to protect the truth through written words. You serve because you want to and even if nobody sees that, you continue to push through because it is what feeds your passion and ambitions for yourself. To add to that, I will get fit while training.

Military Off-Duty is my mood for this look incorporating green as my main color scheme. My haircut – one that has been polarizing from time to time for often looking like premature K-Pop bangs  but can also look like the hairstyles straight outta Milan Fashion Week (as per my friend) – also added the soulja feeling to it.

I received a pair of military green socks last Christmas and also bought myself a pair of green shorts because why not. I decided to blend the different shades together in one look added with my “Nobody Reads My Blog” tee shirt that became my instant favorite shirt once it entered my closet. [Thank you for being a part of this oxymoron.] I capped everything off with a denim jacket that I’ve had for ages and some olive pair of kicks.


My military off-duty look is done and here I am reporting for duty, ready to serve you! Ugh I wish I really was in the military to say that line.

Outfit details: Vintage denim jacket; SM Youth Tee Shirt; Uniqlo shorts; H&M Socks; Zara Man sneakers

xx Kerr

Photos by Renz Gaquit

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