Good Boys Are Not Hiding

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Daya is asking where the good boys have gone to hide away.

Let’s just say that we’re here studying real hard to have a great future.

It’s really hard to be an adolescent these days, especially when you’re a college student. People just think that it’s two of either school, social life, or rest. When, in fact and subjectively, it’s more than that; there’s family, academics, love life (for the lucky ones), homework, resume-building, friends, hobbies, PROPER SLEEP, and extra-curricular activities. It is a cycle of stress and guilt-rest that seems endless.

But I have dreams and I believe in hard work and so do these guys I’m sharing the photos with. We share the same philosophy of doing great with whatever endeavor we pursue. Yes we fail sometimes, yet we rise back up and the beauty of that is that it teaches us courage and patience – values that bring out the good in us, the person that our parents will be proud of no matter what.

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My fellows June and Jon, 3rd year and 2nd year in Computer Engineering, respectively, share the same sentiments with me with regards to hard work and patience when it comes to achieving our goals. We also share the same enthusiasm when it comes to style. Added to those clichés that we, college boys, have to deal with is how we present ourselves to the world, not because we need validation but because there is always something fun in dressing up – it’s fulfilling… much more liberating.

This time, we are showcasing student-friendly OOTDs that could be rocked in and out of the campus. They’re not too plain and not too flashy either – outfits made up of layers to help get us through the Philippines’ unpredictable weather. Jon is really into the basketball culture. We all know at least one person who hoards tons of pairs of shoes – Jon is that guy.

Before I actually got to know him, I already knew he was into dressing up. June is one of those students at school who aren’t hard to notice when you’re woke in styling. He wears clothes effortlessly with a touch of that bourgeois sense.

Get to know them on my Q&A portion below


What are your dreams in life?

Ju: To travel and to explore around the world. Be a CEO of my own company. Become President (coz why not?)

Jo: To be an astronaut 😀

Studies or Love Life? Why?

Ju: School. Education is critical in promoting sustainable development.

Jo: School. Knowledge is key.

What gets you motivated?

Ju: If we depend on something just to get us driven, it only justifies laziness. What’s best is simply self-discipline.

Jo: I get motivated by challenges

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Have you been rejected?

Ju: A couple of times. But that’s the main point, rejection is a part of the process in finding someone who is destined to be yours.


Where do good boys go to hide away?

Ju: They (We) are not visible all the time because they (we) are doing significant things that contribute to the world.

Jo: To bad girls [who take them for granted]. LOL. Good boys, like myself, go to church and pray against the harsh realities I’m facing.

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Also a style enthusiast is my very shy & supportive friend + photographer Renz rocking his gray Zara hoodie that I’m totally jealous with. Ultimately, we are our own versions of good boys. Style is our only addiction. LOL

Outfit details:
On me: Pull&Bear hooded pullover; Bench long shirt; Bershka slim-fit pants; H&M striped white socks; CottonOn laced canvas sneakers
On June: Pull&Bear military jacket; H&M tee shirt; Bershka beaded bracelets; watch from Citizen; H&M slim-fit pants; Adidas R1 NMD sneakers
On Jon: River Island flannel; Stussy dad cap; Fruit of the Loom tee; Penshoppe skinny jeans; Air Jordan x SUPREME 5 breds

xx Kerr

Photos by me & Renz
you can follow these guys on Twitter @junehermoso_ @JownDaltown @renzfg


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