The Open Road Hero In Me

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I love the fact that traveling makes me feel like I’m at home. Since Maria Sofia Love said it, it has been engraved to me that the world is our address. And it has established an implication that each travel opportunity is an instrument of bringing us closer to home. Pak ganern!

Being a province boy, an interaction with nature and her many great wonders always kept me feel alive. The greenest pastures, exciting rivers, warmest oceans and the bluest horizons are my sights growing up while cradling into the breeze of the salty ocean air. The buzz and clichés of the busy city can be such a drag that calls for a big loud getaway. I love that traveling just brings me back home regardless of where I am. The feeling of ease and security fills me as I breathe in the fresh air and close my eyes picturing the place where I thrived.

Home is not a place; it’s a feeling – a feeling that makes you happy while wandering.

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For two years in a row, Wrangler has continued their search for bold and passionate adventurers who step out of their comfort zones to satisfy and share their love for traveling.

With 2 years of successful runs, Wrangler extends the span of this year’s Open Road Hero competition from just bikers to all types of wanderers and adventurous travelers who have what it takes to be dubbed as the next winner. This is in lieu of inspiring the brand’s free-spirited customers and more people to dare to answer the call for adventure.

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To advance to the final 20 and earn the much coveted TRIP TO BATANES for 2 + P100,000 worth of Wrangler gears, just post a travel photo on Facebook answering why you are an Open Road Hero, tag Wrangler’s FB account, and add #TrueWanderer & #Live2Wander. Deadline of entries will be until April 19, 2017. Maximum of 3 entries per account will be accepted.

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Try your luck! You might just be the next Wrangler Open Road Hero!

Xx Kerr


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