City Summer Survival Guide #TipsWithKerr

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I bet this is the millionth article off the internet giving tips about braving the heat this season. And I guess one of the reasons why is that we have different coping mechanisms as soon as the rays of sun we used to enjoy pinch our skin soon as it shines in all its glory. This depends on where we are, what we do on a daily basis, and how long we are outside the comfort of our homes.

If you’re like me who’s mostly outside every dreading day but still want to look and feel sane until the sun sets, you might want to exert an effort of prepping up before stepping out of your door.

Below are 5 things that I always do since summer amped things up with the day to day temperature.

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“Water is important because it helps maintain our body resistance” – is what I answered when asked about the importance of water in our body back in an elementary school health pageant where I won – I held on to that ever since.

Staying hydrated all day not only keeps you away from being thirsty but it could also resist different heat-induced occurrences – heat stroke, for example. I commute 80% of the time and maneuvering my way through the city hasn’t been easy. Heavy traffic combined with the peaking of the sun is very dehydrating. Drinking water before leaving any location is a must. It is also suggested that you bring a bottle of water or Gatorade (for better effect) anywhere you go.


I always store white cotton tee shirts in my closet and they always come in handy this season. What I’m trying to say is that one should invest in clothes that are tailor-made (literally) for summer season. Clothes with thin fabrics, cottony material, or dri-fits are great investments.

But, considering the weather in the Philippines, it still rains even in summer season so I would recommend keeping a cardigan or a shawl handy at times when you notice that the sky is hinting some shades of grey. You know, just in case.



Water is just one of the essentials here. One should also eat to have the energy to survive throughout the day. Our bodies (at least mine) have this mechanism of barely wanting to move when it’s scorching hot – mucho caliente kind of hot. Even just breathing causes us to sweat, how much more if we are actually doing rigid activities. We excrete water out of our system thus, leaving us dehydrated and hungry.

It is essential that we pack our tummies up with some food before anything else. It also strengthens our longevity to last doing activities throughout the day. If you are on a diet, you may also be able to eat food that suits your diet plan. Nevertheless, it’s always a win-win situation.


Okay. Taking that idiom literally is optional.

You would need to accessorize your season-friendly outfit with some [intimidating] sunglasses. This can also save you from looking haggard and developing early wrinkles from squinting too much and curling your eyebrows. Picking the right kind of shades can elevate your look especially those that complement the shape of your face.

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I don’t have perfect skin but I try.

Be in charge of your own skin as you #MakeYourSummer even more fun with the latest skincare products from Watsons. Personally, I use the new offerings from Kojie San: Before and After Sun Spray. Before Sun Spray is an oil-based formula that has UVA/UVB filters providing skin cell protection from harmful UV rays. It has anti-oxidant and moisturizing properties for that long sun exposure. After Sun Spray has aloe vera that rehydrates and soothes damages skin cells giving comfort from itchiness and burns from the sun.

What other things do you need? or do? Did this post help you?

Leave your comments below!

xx Kerr


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