Take That Award-Winning Selfie #TipsWithKerr


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Vanity is an old familiar word to me. I mean I’ve been called vain, conceited, self-centered – and all those other synonymous words – and I am not ashamed. I’m not ashamed because of the fact that it’s not true and I don’t think that there’s something wrong with loving yourself for whatever you look like. It’s just that I love to create art from simple things and my face is quite simple (and pimply).

Before you judge me, just know that I am not claiming anything about being the best at taking selfies. It’s just that after all these years of taking self-portraitures (fancy huh?), I think it’s about time that I share you some tricks of the trade – at least the ones I know. Haha


First, you should visualize how you want the output to look like. From the beginning, you need to figure out an abstract of the things that you want to see in the photo. Ask yourself what is the mood that you want to portray. How do you want people to react (although self-satisfaction is enough)? After all, it’s about showing creativity from just a simple photograph that gives an impression that you are not just another selfie-addict – giving something that makes people want to stop from scrolling and adore the specimen right before their eyes.

Take into consideration your location, the background, and your face, of course. Everything needs to complement one another.

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a random flower tree that I always see going back home and the sunset is perfect that I had to take advantage


Angle is very important. If you’ve been taking selfies for a long time, you should have mastered your best angle. The common misconception with most people is they practice in front of a mirror which is a completely different perspective than that of a camera’s lens. If you want to master your selfie game, practice using your front camera. There, you can see which angle that best suits you – which angle best accentuates the points and plains of your face.

My best angle is the right side of my face that’s why, in most of my photos, I tend turn my head to the left. My face is sort of disproportional and I choose the right side of my face because it shows more structure and jaw line as opposed to the left side where my face tends to be softer.

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Lighting is an important element that you shouldn’t dismiss because of the fact that it could make or break a photo. The first job of a model on any photo shoot is to find his light and so should you.

You have to make sure that there is just enough light hitting your face – enough light that it does not overshadow (wow, an oxymoron) your background or hide your cute face. The best kind of lighting is when everything just seems natural considering which environment you’re in. If you are a little extra, bring on some lighting props so you get to position the lighting the way you want it.

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just watching a movie and the sun kept on hitting my face so I played with light and shadows with a little bit of filter


Though not the most essential, this element is as functional as the others. In a data analyst POV, the filter is considered a non-functional requirement; the prototype has the potential to be great with or without it.

Nevertheless, included here is trying to eliminate some unwanted elements (blemishes, fogginess, color). Sometimes, a photo can look so good but there’s one tiny little spot that is less than desirable. I say, edit that. There’s no shame in wanting to edit your picture; it’s yours after all. Just a tip: the best kind of filter/editing is when all still looks and feels au naturel.

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if you watch my Instagram stories, I post before and after photos of my selfies.


Perfect is boring. You can try and experiment in taking selfies. Ignore the rules even the ones mentioned here. After all, you always want to show your true self – authentic, confident, carefree, and even sultry. You have all the freedom to photograph yourself up to until you are satisfied and happy.

I also share my editing tools on my Instagram!

DM @kerrquevedo for questions!

xx Kerr

Phone camera used: SAMSUNG Galaxy Grand Prime

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