In The Name of Denim


loud denim - kerrquevedo - cebumenfashionblogger (4)It has been told in this very blog (wow) that I have always been a 90s kid. Now I know some of y’all may say that I ain’t no 90s kid ‘coz I was born in the late 90s but I don’t really care because I feel what I feel and there’s no point of arguing over it. It’s like arguing that Cady Heron cannot be from Africa because she’s white. Pointless, really.

Nevertheless, in the spirit of my love for the 90s and the groundbreaking event in fashion that was DENIM, I can’t help but gag over my fantasies of wearing a heavily denim-wrapped outfit. I don’t know about you all but I feel like denim is the kind of fabric that you can play with and have the liberty to choose of turning it up or toning it down and it most probably ends successfully. Regardless of the amount of denim you wear, each level has its own kind of statement.

For my 90s slash Coachella-inspired look that I wore for a festival last month, I decided to go extra and over-the-top with my outfit. I thank God for very supportive friends who are always there to lend their talents in making me look the way I want to. My student-designer friend sent me this coat for me to style and wear and the sight that unraveled as I was opening the bag of it scalped me – it was exactly what I was looking for: bold, graphic, loud – the statements I wanted to portray.

loud denim - kerrquevedo - cebumenfashionblogger (1)loud denim - kerrquevedo - cebumenfashionblogger (3)loud denim - kerrquevedo - cebumenfashionblogger (5)

There’s just something really eccentric about it with an additional heap of the iconic coat given to Joseph, the dream interpreter, before he was sold by his brothers under the Pharaoh’s control in the Bible. The outfit may not come off as the holiest, but there are things I won’t care about anymore when it comes to what I wear, especially in the name of denim.

As Giorgio Armani put it, “Jeans represent democracy in fashion”, and it must be so. There will be no rules – one can never wear too much denim, if anything, have fun and be creative with it!

For this getup, I made sure that the coat is the star so I restrained [just a little] with the rest of the outfit. I wore a black tank top to let air in and some extra short shorts to show some of these muscular gams that I got. I aimed for very distressed shorts so when I cuff it, there’ll still be threads popping out. I finished it off with double layer chokers and white worn-out Chucks.

loud denim - kerrquevedo - cebumenfashionblogger (6)loud denim - kerrquevedo - cebumenfashionblogger (7)

Can I still get louder with it? Definitely! And I most probably will. This is it for now! How loud do you want my next outfit to be? Cash it down in the comments below, howbow dah?

loud denim - kerrquevedo - cebumenfashionblogger (2)

The picturesque, almost concert grounds-looking backdrop for this shoot really played an important role in making these photos look amazing.

That said, there are really lots of amazing places to shoot here in Cebu. Each spot, no matter where it is, seems like a place where an outfit shoot could work. Feels like Cebu is just as versatile as denim – just put on the right pieces, and you’re good to go!

xx Kerr

Photos by Renz Gaquit

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