Keeping It Healthy – It’s What We Deserve

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When I talk about health, especially in today’s generation, I don’t only talk about what I eat, fitness, or nutrition. I like to dig deeper into my humanity and learn about the other types of health, though less mentioned but all important: emotional, mental, and spritual. Giving attention to these aspects demands to be discovered but these are often neglected.

We wake up every sing day off to attend to our routines and errands and work our asses as hard as we can. And you all know that these things and routines that we attend to everyday – school, work, social responsibilities, etc. – tend to exhaust us leaving us stressed and unstable in different aspects. We want to satisfy people so much by working or studying a lot and even try to please ourselves by exerting all efforts to do well that the thought of taking care of ourselves sometimes slips our minds.

It is in traditional fashion that we invest our energy on things that matter, practically, and it’s not bad at all – not until we forget that we are humans; and humans as we are, we get tired. Some may think that taking time for leisure is a form of impracticality and a waste of time as it is but don’t we need that, too? Don’t we deserve a little time, if not a life, where we can keep ourselves healthy in whatever manner?

Yeah. We do. You do. I do.

Sometimes, I just wish to flip my working desk and put on my skimpy swimming trunks and head on to the nearest beach and burn myself with as much sun. After all, [insert Kim Kardashian meme] it’s what I deserve for being such a hardworker. I am human and it’s okay to be impulsive. I am human and it’s okay to take time off every thing. We all deserve some fantasy in this bitter reality.

Speaking of fantasy, the fact that it soothes us – that, in a way, it takes the load away from our shoulders and frees our minds from all the worries – is always a good idea. After all, it is healthy to free our minds from worries. When we need to blow off some steam, it’s okay to cry. It’s okay to take a goddamn well-deserved vacation or stay-cation. It’s okay to pray to whatever God you believe in. It’s okay to not pray. It’s always okay to do what makes you mentally and emotionally healthy.

Sometimes, you need to open yourself up or distant yourself out. Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you. If health is wealth [which it is], take care of yourself. Live a life with peace of mind and good friends. Sometimes, all it takes to give you the stability you need is the kind of things, places, and people you surround yourself with.

xx Kerr

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Speaking of surrounding yourself with things that bring you peace, I’ve come to do a site visit at 32 Sanson by Rockwell. The 3.2-hectare property, located along Sanson road, looks like a serene place to stay with charming spots and relaxing views.

The approach to its residences provides easy-access amenities such as the Clubhouse, Swimming Pools, multipurpose Court, Jogging path, and lounges, to name a few. It’s one of those properties that truly cater towards a holistic living experience of its dwellers. The design of the whole area as well as the beautiful landscaping is tailor-made to create a healthy and serene environment that is more than relaxing making it seem that they want only the best and the most luxurious for their clients.

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For inquiry and additional information, contacts are provided below!

MARREY CHERI LUCHIA APUDA, Sales Executive | (032) 3170091 (local 7009) | 0956 875 9912 |

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