Soulful Stay at Solea

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For this episode of Where Did Kerr Go?, we will be unraveling where Kerr went in his recent out-of-town trip. But enough with the theatrics, let’s strip it down with some relaxed and chill vibrations just as how the Solea Mactan Resort staycation felt like.

After squeezing in a bit [and by bit, I mean, a lot] of schoolwork into my day, I felt as if I am really thirsty for a little getaway not too far from the city. It’s been months since my last beach trip and it is so because of the stressful school work and freelancing responsibilities. Regardless, I felt no regret because all the hard work paid off. Hence, I thought it would be great to clear up my weekend and give myself some time to unwind and, man, I really did!

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Top 7 Anti-Fashion Moments x BCBA 2017

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We did it, kids! With Kerr got nominated for Best Style Blog at the Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2017!

The award-giving body was first established in 2008 with the intention of recognizing top performing Cebu Bloggers who continue to liven and mobilize the blogging startosphere in Cebu. After the nomination phase held last October, top finalists based on web scores and content criteria for each niche were chosen setting the countdown for awarding the best Cebu bloggers of 2017.

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Coffee Talk feat. Drip and Draft


If the title doesn’t sound like a new mix tape I’m about to drop then I don’t know what does.
*clears throat*

Who was I before coffee? The answer could be easily described as “a very opinionated, often sad, ambitiously passionate intellectual” which is funny because after coffee, I’m still a very opinionated, often sad, ambitiously passionate intellectual but with palpitations and funny tummy feelings. Irregardless, I still drink it.


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Life Update: Happiness Conundrum

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[Heads up: This is not a style post]

They say you never really know what it feels like until it happens to you. Which is why I’m always skeptical of saying the line “I feel so happy” or any of the sort that basically implies about how happy I am. I feel skeptical because I always ask myself if I really mean what I said; have I ever experienced nirvana in my short span of life for me to conclude that I am, indeed, happy?

Sometimes, I just don’t know.

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Keeping It Healthy – It’s What We Deserve

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When I talk about health, especially in today’s generation, I don’t only talk about what I eat, fitness, or nutrition. I like to dig deeper into my humanity and learn about the other types of health, though less mentioned but all important: emotional, mental, and spritual. Giving attention to these aspects demands to be discovered but these are often neglected.

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22 THATCHER – Truly A Cut Above the Rest

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A step into this new barbershop concept brought me a few years into my future (if all else goes as planned, hehe) – but it’s neither because of the ambiance nor the elements found inside. It’s mostly not the tangible that puts my interests to rouse. What provoked the difference was the feeling that I had – the feeling of refinement and sophistication, almost into grasping that finesse of being a gentleman (if there’s such thing).

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