22 THATCHER – Truly A Cut Above the Rest

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A step into this new barbershop concept brought me a few years into my future (if all else goes as planned, hehe) – but it’s neither because of the ambiance nor the elements found inside. It’s mostly not the tangible that puts my interests to rouse. What provoked the difference was the feeling that I had – the feeling of refinement and sophistication, almost into grasping that finesse of being a gentleman (if there’s such thing).

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In The Name of Denim

loud denim - kerrquevedo - cebumenfashionblogger (4)It has been told in this very blog (wow) that I have always been a 90s kid. Now I know some of y’all may say that I ain’t no 90s kid ‘coz I was born in the late 90s but I don’t really care because I feel what I feel and there’s no point of arguing over it. It’s like arguing that Cady Heron cannot be from Africa because she’s white. Pointless, really.

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Dreaming In Balenciaga

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Hey! It’s me, Kerr. Kerr Quevedo. Welcome to my blog!

It’s been a while since I posted a style post because I have been really busy these past few months. I am in that phase where I really need to amp up my school game so I could get through my fourth year in college. Thankfully, it paid off. I am a fifth year Engineering student now and I’m just really happy.

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Good Boys Are Not Hiding

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Daya is asking where the good boys have gone to hide away.

Let’s just say that we’re here studying real hard to have a great future.

It’s really hard to be an adolescent these days, especially when you’re a college student. People just think that it’s two of either school, social life, or rest. When, in fact and subjectively, it’s more than that; there’s family, academics, love life (for the lucky ones), homework, resume-building, friends, hobbies, PROPER SLEEP, and extra-curricular activities. It is a cycle of stress and guilt-rest that seems endless. Continue reading

Stan, Hat and Super Bowl


Y’all may know by now that my life is highly influenced by the Mother Monster, Lady Gaga – Queen of fucking everything. Since I started stanning* her in 2008, several of my life choices have been inflicted by my fanaticism over her supremacy in the pop culture. I learned to think out-of-the-box, take risks, and be open-minded. I’ve never seen someone so rich and glamorous yet so down-to-earth and humble, at the same time. Continue reading