Good Boys Are Not Hiding

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Daya is asking where the good boys have gone to hide away.

Let’s just say that we’re here studying real hard to have a great future.

It’s really hard to be an adolescent these days, especially when you’re a college student. People just think that it’s two of either school, social life, or rest. When, in fact and subjectively, it’s more than that; there’s family, academics, love life (for the lucky ones), homework, resume-building, friends, hobbies, PROPER SLEEP, and extra-curricular activities. It is a cycle of stress and guilt-rest that seems endless. Continue reading

Iconic H&M x The Weeknd for #HMSpringIcons

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“The concept of an icon can be a cliché… I don’t like clichés.”*

H&M has just released a new line personally handpicked by Grammy Award winning artist and hitmaker, The Weeknd for their new series called “Spring Icons”. The new line features edgy, street, and comfortable pieces that manifest the singer’s style POV.

The pieces introduce the status of menswear from catwalk to street – they are simple and very universal, something that many style enthusiasts around the world would opt to wear. “I love those simple pieces that can stand the test of time and will always look great,” Abel says.  Continue reading

Stan, Hat and Super Bowl


Y’all may know by now that my life is highly influenced by the Mother Monster, Lady Gaga – Queen of fucking everything. Since I started stanning* her in 2008, several of my life choices have been inflicted by my fanaticism over her supremacy in the pop culture. I learned to think out-of-the-box, take risks, and be open-minded. I’ve never seen someone so rich and glamorous yet so down-to-earth and humble, at the same time. Continue reading

Look Street Smart + LifeDance 2017



If you are in Cebu, you must be hearing this anywhere you go. January is not only a mark of a beginning of a new year but also a depicter of the highly-anticipated and the grandest festival in the country. SINULOG is coming!

But how does one hustle in the busy and noisy streets of Cebu during Sinulog? What things should one avoid? What should one bring? Which party to go to? Which place to go to? Continue reading

So Long 2016, It’s Been Awkward


Hello 2016, you have been quite a year.

Back at the end of 2015, I was telling myself, “You did great this year! Make 2016 your year. There will be trespasses but I know you can do it.” And I did, I made it through the year. In terms of owning it I can say that despite the green witches and ashy hurricanes along the way, I whooped quite decently. Maybe my past self wasn’t really particular on the degree and weight of the trespasses he was talking about. Oh, me. Continue reading