In The Name of Denim


loud denim - kerrquevedo - cebumenfashionblogger (4)It has been told in this very blog (wow) that I have always been a 90s kid. Now I know some of y’all may say that I ain’t no 90s kid ‘coz I was born in the late 90s but I don’t really care because I feel what I feel and there’s no point of arguing over it. It’s like arguing that Cady Heron cannot be from Africa because she’s white. Pointless, really.

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Take That Award-Winning Selfie #TipsWithKerr


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Vanity is an old familiar word to me. I mean I’ve been called vain, conceited, self-centered – and all those other synonymous words – and I am not ashamed. I’m not ashamed because of the fact that it’s not true and I don’t think that there’s something wrong with loving yourself for whatever you look like. It’s just that I love to create art from simple things and my face is quite simple (and pimply).

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Dreaming In Balenciaga

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Hey! It’s me, Kerr. Kerr Quevedo. Welcome to my blog!

It’s been a while since I posted a style post because I have been really busy these past few months. I am in that phase where I really need to amp up my school game so I could get through my fourth year in college. Thankfully, it paid off. I am a fifth year Engineering student now and I’m just really happy.

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City Summer Survival Guide #TipsWithKerr

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I bet this is the millionth article off the internet giving tips about braving the heat this season. And I guess one of the reasons why is that we have different coping mechanisms as soon as the rays of sun we used to enjoy pinch our skin soon as it shines in all its glory. This depends on where we are, what we do on a daily basis, and how long we are outside the comfort of our homes.

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Good Boys Are Not Hiding

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Daya is asking where the good boys have gone to hide away.

Let’s just say that we’re here studying real hard to have a great future.

It’s really hard to be an adolescent these days, especially when you’re a college student. People just think that it’s two of either school, social life, or rest. When, in fact and subjectively, it’s more than that; there’s family, academics, love life (for the lucky ones), homework, resume-building, friends, hobbies, PROPER SLEEP, and extra-curricular activities. It is a cycle of stress and guilt-rest that seems endless. Continue reading