Trust Me, I’m An Engineer

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Trust me, I’m an engineer – in about 7 months, at least.

[Article contains explicit slang terms. Rated PG]

Entering the college of engineering in my university, the phrase “Ragged but Educated” may not seem very alien. It has been a coined term mostly for engineering students who go to school in funky tee shirts, signature denim pants and worn out sneakers but still pass (or ace) their subjets. It is basically the stereotype of how an engineering student looks like.

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Snap Series: Moments in Macau

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I dozed off on a sea-sickening ferry ride and woke up to the glistening shiny shores of Asia’s Las Vegas. Macau greeted me with its very riveting charm and alluring sights. The sunny day helped highlight all of the city’s beautiful sides that, at that time, felt really intoxicating making it seem like the city is luring you to stay and just stay.

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Subway Kid Rejoice Your Truth

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Another day, another slay – this is what my Mother Monster does best which is why I aspire to live up to her influence. And in case it’s still vague, this post, yet again, is influenced by Lady [fucking] Gaga.

When I’m asked about my personal style or branding, what more can I say than ‘unexpected’. Yes, I’m still that province boy surviving the city and that is part of who I am. But apart from that, I’m also one who likes to take risks in fashion – one who defies fashion to be unfashionable – and that, for me, is my style. I always come through and say, “I’m Lady Gaga; I wear whatever the hell I want.”

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Keeping It Healthy – It’s What We Deserve

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When I talk about health, especially in today’s generation, I don’t only talk about what I eat, fitness, or nutrition. I like to dig deeper into my humanity and learn about the other types of health, though less mentioned but all important: emotional, mental, and spritual. Giving attention to these aspects demands to be discovered but these are often neglected.

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Snap Series: My New Favorite HK

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“Go get a passport.” That’s what my Ate (elder sister) told me on the day of Sinulog while I was on my way to a party. “What? Why? How? Wha- “I was stuttering and lost for words not because I didn’t know what’s going to happen but because I do know what it is about – the bitch, I call a sister, bought me a ticket going to Hong Kong and I is happy and thankful. It would be my first time to be out of the country and I got overly excited but I didn’t let it show.

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22 THATCHER – Truly A Cut Above the Rest

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A step into this new barbershop concept brought me a few years into my future (if all else goes as planned, hehe) – but it’s neither because of the ambiance nor the elements found inside. It’s mostly not the tangible that puts my interests to rouse. What provoked the difference was the feeling that I had – the feeling of refinement and sophistication, almost into grasping that finesse of being a gentleman (if there’s such thing).

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